Monday, June 8, 2015

Bible Study Notes: 06/05/15

Another wonderful session with WOG (Women of God).  Included below are my notes (and some thoughts) from our time together. Please question what might not resonate with you or match up to scripture.  It is not my intent to mislead or misrepresent in any way.

Genesis 8:22 - The Law of Genesis (Seed time and harvest)

  • Seed produces it's own kind
  • God's word is the seed - our hearts are the soil.
  • God is a God of increase.
Isaiah 55:11 "... goes forth from my mouth ..." God's word.

We live in a word based world; His word - God's word creates

Psalms 107:20 ... sent forth His word ... healed and delivered from (removes) all obstacles.
James 1:17 ... the same today, tomorrow, always.
John 17:17  ... Jesus is the high priest over our words. He intercedes on our confessions/our words. Give him something to work with.

The word of God is the vehicle the Holy Spirit uses to produce. God gives us everything we need.  His word and the Holy Spirit always work together.

The word of God is a seed, planted in our hearts so we can see ourselves as God does. To be operative in our lives, we must renew our minds.  We have the power of God! See ourselves in the Bible. We [I] are complete in Christ. Own it!

Hebrews 11:6 ... God is a rewarder for those how honestly seek him.
God calls us trophies of his grace.

Romans 5:14 ... Jesus has been called "the last Adam."

Romans 8:9-10
Romans 8:32 .. when our prayers are answered God's glory is revealed.  God wants us to ask BIG!

God doesn't use anything "bad" to teach us anything.
Mark 7:13

We are in control of Satan's reign and have POWERFUL weapons to battle him:
The name of Jesus
The blood of Jesus
The word of God
The armor of God

Give no place (not an inch) to the deivl. Be strong in your "spirit man".  We are holy.  The Holy Spirit wouldn't/couldn't live in us if we weren't. Remember, we are BOLD WOMEN of GOD!

Do what the bible says - CAST DOWN [throw off] EVERY thought that is not of God.
Thoughts have no power over us unless we take ownership of them with our words.  We "take a thought" by speaking it - saying it out loud.  Don't be all about feelings [sensual], speaking what you feel, what you think, etc.

"Facts are subject to change. Truths are constant. Speak truth."
Ex: The fact is that we might be struggling with allergies. The truth is that Jesus bought our freedom from sickness (by His stripes we are healed).  We have it. Claim it. Own it.

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