Saturday, November 1, 2014

Can you get to Enough?

When you come to the end of an assignment, a project, is it enough? Do you continually ask yourself, have I worked hard enough? Have I done enough?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get the place where you can say "enough".

1. Have you done all you know to do? Step back and look at your work objectively.  Does it make sense? Is it clear, concise? If not, walk away consider it through the eyes of the ultimate reader/viewer and figure out what they need to read/see.
2. Have you asked "what if" and considered other possibilities? If you're thinking there should be more (or less), look at the situation differently. Move to a new location; flip it upside down; ask what if ... and fill in the blank.
3. Do you like what you've done? Or if there are only parts of it that you like, what can you do to change, adapt, rework the parts that you don't like as well.  Say it differently, turn it around.
4. Is it done?  When you can say "yes", it's done.  Push send.

Next time let's discuss letting go.
Until next time ....

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